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On sibling aggression and siblicide in Ospreys:

In 2006 my graduate student Jennifer Rettew (now McCall) wrote her M.Sc. thesis on the role of sibling aggression and siblicide in reproductive success in Ospreys. Download the PDF here:

Factors influencing mortality in nestling ospreys (Pandion haliaetus): An analysis of breeding strategies.

View or download PDFs of my Osprey publications:

Although the following two papers were published in the Journal of Raptor Research (as part of the December 2014 all-Osprey issue), I think they're very accesible to the amateur Osprey afficianado:

Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) in the 21st Century: Populations, Migration, Management, and Research Priorities. With: Alan Poole and Brian Washburn. Journal of Raptor Research 48(4):301-308. 2014

Post-DDT Recovery of Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) Populations in Southern New England and Long Island, New York, 1970–2013. With: Augustus Ben David, Lori Gibson, Robert S. Kennedy, Alan F. Poole, Michael S. Scheibel, and Julie Victoria, Journal of Raptor Research 48(4):361-374. 2014.

A popular article on how telemetry has helped us understand avian migration, published in the 2013 newsletter of Fisher Island's remarkable Henry L. Ferguson Museum:

Ospreys in the Age of Silicon. 2013 Newsletter, Henry L. Ferguson Museum.

Another popular article I wrote for the H. L. Ferguson Museum is available on line:

This one is entitled "The Incredible Egg."

Two more from the special issue of the Journal of Raptor Research:

The Spring Migration of Adult North American Ospreys. With: Mark S. Martell (senior author), Brian E. Washburn, John E. Elliott, Charles J. Henny, Robert S. Kennedy, and Iain MacLeod. Journal of Raptor Research 48(4):309-324. 2014.

Wintering Ecology of Adult North American Ospreys. With: Brian E. Washburn (senior author), Mark S. Martell, Jr., Charles J.Henny, Brian S. Dorr, and Thomas J. Olexa. Journal of Raptor Research 48(4):325-333. 2014.

This is a bit technical:

A Technique to Facilitate the Fitting of Telemetry Transmitter Harnesses. Journal of Raptor Research 48(1):86-88. 2014.