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I am a Research Associate of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

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My main areas of research and education are:

Ospreys - Migration, Population Trends, Ecology.

Barred Owls in the NC Piedmont.

Teaching Ornithology

Meadow BarredOwl

I have been studying Ospreys in southern New England since 1971. Beginning in 1998 I restarted an intensive census of the population on Martha's Vineyard. In 2017 we completed the 20th survey of the island's Ospreys. The population is now over 90 pairs. Quite a jump from the 2 pairs that were on the Vineyard back in 1971.

Beginning in 2000, I started tagging Ospreys with satellite transmitters that enable us to follow their movements around their nests and their migration to South America and back. Most of this work has been on Martha's Vineyard, but I have tagged Ospreys from Virginia to northern New Hampshire.



For over a decade, my graduate students and I studied the thriving population of Barred Owls that live in the Charlotte suburbs and surrounding countryside. A remarkable 300 pairs of Barred Owls live within 10 miles of downtown Charlotte.

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From 1998 to 2011 I taught Ornithology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Sad to say, I'm sure that will be the last time the course will be taught there.

In 2002 I began teaching a 2-week intensive field Ornithology course at the Highlands Biological Station in the Smokey Mountains of western North Carolina. This course is offered in mid May or early June of even-numbered years. Pictured here is the class of '14, who registered a record 89 species in their 2 weeks on the Highlands Plateau.

In 2014 I was one of the instructors at National Audubon's Hog Island Nature Camp's inaugural "Raptor Rapture' session. Since then I have been the Director of the session, which is about the 2nd week oif July each summer. Join us!