Roger Tory

Roger Tory...

... was trapped on Smith Neck on the eastern bank of the mouth of the Connecticut River on June 2nd. He was named in honor of Roger Tory Peterson, the renowned bird artist who lived nearby and prominently called our attention to the precipitous crash of the Osprey population in southern New England.

2-18 June 2014

This was a huge surprise! Roger is flying 20 miles each way to fish in and around the Salmon River near North Westchester.

On the Salmon River

The word on the street is that the Salmon River has plenty of stocked trout. In the 17 days we've been following him, Roger has made about 25 trips up to his area.

2-18 June 2014

This is more what we expect. Roger's neighbors Uncas and Gerry do most of their fishing here, at the mouth of the Connecticut River. Paul Spitzer reports that roughly 98% of the fish being delivered to Osprey nests in this area are menhaden.

Roger has made about 18 forays out into the mouth of the Connecticut River and adjacent Long Island Sound since we tagged him, as compared to the 25 trips he's made all the way up to the Salmon River. Go figure!

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