2014 Adults: Cape Cod, Cape Ann, Martha's Vineyard, and New Hampshire

Mass-New Hampshire - Summer: 15 Apr - 15 Aug.

See Fall Migration page for more.

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Belle (orange) MV 2010 young.

Blackie (black) Cape Ann young male tagged at the mouth of the Merrimack River in Salisbury, MA

Bridget (red) Female from the Pemigewasset River near Ashland, NH, the 50th young tagged in our study.

DJ (green) Adult male, Martha's Vineyard, tagged in 2013.

Donovan (yellow) Adult male from central NH, also tagged this spring.

Flow (blue) fledgling male tagged at the Allyn Cox Reservation in Essex, MA along the shores of the Essex River.

Snowy (white) Martha's Vineyard 2011 young on 2nd migration south.

Tilton (pink) a fledgling male tagged in Tilton NH. He's the son of Donovan,




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