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16-17 Sep -- Felix was on his nest at noon on the 16th. A few minutes later he got the urge for goin' and launched himself on a marathon crossing of the Atlantic unlike anything we've seen before. At 13:00 he was out over the ocean. Nine hours later he was 270 miles into his trip, averaging 30 mph, when his transmitter shut down for the day. 12 hours later his transmitter came back on, at which time he had covered another 400 miles of open ocean. 
     At 22:00 he was about 40 miles from the outermost isle of the Bahamas, a touch over 1000 miles from home, having flown non-stop for 31 hours. 
     Does anyone doubt that birds have an amazing navigational system onboard?
     At this point, his transmitter shut down again, and now we have to wait 3 days to see if he finished the journey.
     We have never had a tagged bird do this. Quite a few have made the crossing from North Carolina to Florida, a distance of 450-550 miles.
     We know from reports of Ospreys landing on ships out in the Atlantic and even a few arrivals on Bermuda that Ospreys do make this crossing occasionally, but this is the first satellite-tagged bird to do it.

Just 40 miles to go!



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