Bio - Trepassey

Trepassey is a young female hatched out of what may be the southernmost Osprey nest in all of Newfoundland (see map below). If it's not, it's a close runner up. She was an only child. We tagged her on 26 August 2016. Based on her movements since we tagged her (staying very close to the nest), my guess is that she was fairly recently (within a week) fledged.

Trepassey's data:

Band: 1088-10517

Wing: no data

Tail: 21 cm

Weight: 1.750 kg (3.85 lbs)

Transmitter: 161874

Trepassey's nest...

is on a pole erected by Newfoundland Power to get a pair of Ospreys off of an active power line on Daniel's point on the western shore of Trepassey Harbor.