Our second young was tagged at our second New Hampshire "Old Faithful" nest. This one's in Bridgewater, NH. This is the nest where we tagged the adult male "Art" in 2012. In the summer of 2013, we trapped Art and gave his radio to his son, Artoo, while simultaneously trapping and tagging Artoo's sister Bridget. Bridget settled down in Florida died there in the end of January 2015, but Artoo survived both his 18 months in Brazil and his first trip north. He's now cruising around New England, footloose and fancy free.

  After waiting around for four hours at Art's nest through a long, hard rain on the afternoon of the 11th, we bailed and came back the next morning. The weather was gorgeous, but the trapping was a bit slow. Two of the three young fledged this year (Art is a very good provider) were noisily begging for good all morning. Art came in twice with fish, but he did not want to land on the nest--he saw the trap this time! So the young followed him downstream to get their fish from him. We did catch the female, whom we've caught before and should know better by now. We finally got "Lizzie" around 11:20. Lizzie weighed in at 1650 g (3.63 lbs), which almost certainly makes her a female. She was named after Liz Hagan, a docent and long-time supporter of the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

(Had it been a male, I would have lobbied to call him "Zorro." The black mask on this bird is really striking.)


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