Bio - Daphne

Daphne is an adult female of unknown age. We trapped her rather accidentally at the MUN Botanical Garden nest on 25 Aug 2016. We were set up to catch one or more of the three young fledged by that pair this year. 20 minutes after we set the trap, baited with a nice brown trout, an adult Osprey came in fast and low and tried to snatch the fish out of the nest. She was caught instantly and did a bit of a beak plant when the nooses on the trap pulled her up short. The resident pair immediately began strafing her, so we rushed to the nest to get her off the trap and out of danger. It's not infrequent that we catch a bird passing by that sees the fish unattended in the nest and goes for the free meal. I call these birds "bycatch." We decided to go with the "bird in the hand" approach and deployed one of our fourth transmitter on her.

Appropriately for a bird trapped at a botanical garden, she was named after a plant genus.

Daphne's data:

Band: 1088-10515

Age: unknown

Wing: 51 cm

Tail: 23.5

Weight: 2.1 kg (4.62 lbs)

Transmitter: 136035

Daphne's first data: 26-30 Aug

Daphne was trapped at Leif's Nest. The data from her first 3 days tells us she's not a breeder this year--or if she was a breeder, her nest failed. She's certainly not tied to a single spot right now. She'll probably be heading south soon.