Bergen 2013-14


Bergen's Fall migration

Bergen's migration was pretty staightforward. He left his nest area on 21 August and moved south to the southern (Virginian) part of the Delmarva Peninsula, where he began a 29 day stopover, which saw him moving north a bit to the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay. He got going again on 23 September and made it down to Florida by the 30th. He hung around the Keys for three days and then started south again. He was across the Caribbean by 11 October. He had another rather extended layover (14 days) in Venezuela before crossing the Andes. Once over the Andes, it was a straight shot down to the Amazon. He settled down south of the river and all looked well. He was in an apparently very remote area. His signals were all from one spot, never a good sign, on 13 Feb.

This is one we'll never know the answer to.


A detailed map of his winter movements is below.


Bergen settled down on the Purus River about 100 miles south of the Solimoes (Amazon) in western Brazil on the 9th of November. After three months there, he made an overnight foray south on the 26th. Four days later he headed west to Lago Juri. Apparently unimpressed, he flew back to the Purus. 10 days later the signals from his radio stopped moving and then went off the air.