2013 Juveniles

Juveniles with PTT (satellite) transmitters:

Artoo (green) NH

Bergen (red) NH

Weber (yellow) NH

Peirce (pink) MA-North Shore

Whit (blue) MA-North Shore

Captain Liz (white) Martha's Vineyard

Caleb (black) Martha's Vineyard

Pearl (grey) Long Island

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13 September

Weber (NH coast) continues to move south, while stay-at-home Pearl just began her migration from her nest on Long Island's North Fork. The three birds that left home early (Artoo, Bergen, and Peirce) have all settled down for a while. This is not unusual for juveniles and begs the question were they really migrating, or do we call this pre-migration dispersal?

7 September

A cold front has moved into the northeast, and surprsingly the only bird who was inspired to get a move on was Weber, a bird we tagged on the NH coast in early August. (We're not sure of Weber's sex. The measurements were borderline, so I'm sticking with male while my colleague on the New Hampshire project is calling Weber a 'she.') Weber had not left the marsh where we tagged him since we trapped him, so it was a surprise to see him go.

31 August

It wasn't long after I tagged the last juveniles of the year, on August 12th, up in New Hampshire (Artoo and Bergen) that our youngsters started moving around. One of the two New Hampshire young from the Lakes Region was the first to move. Artoo, now wearing his dad's PTT, took a short road trip just two days after he was tagged. The next day he took off for real, heading southwest. He's now in Pennsylvania, after crossing much of upstate New York.

Next on the runway was Peirce, a young male from Essex Bay, MA. Peirce headed northwest on the 19th, flew up into Vermont, then crossed New York's Adirondack Mountains before heading down into Pennsylvania, where's he's currently holed up.

Artoo's brother Bergen moved next. Bergen headed south on the 21st, in what looked like full swing migration. He's since settled down for a while on the Delmarva Peninsula, which he's criss-crossing from Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic shore.

Finally, Peirce's neighbor Whit left his nest in Gloucester, MA, and flew down to Cape Cod. After making it all the way to the "elbow" of the cape at Monomoy, he backtracked and spent some time on Long Pond, just north of Falmouth. Remarkably, this is where Belle has been spending lots of time. There's a really good chance that Belle and Whit may have met there. I'll know when I pull up the data for the last week. He's now in Rhode Island.

The rest of our flock of youngsters are staying close to home.

Most young that we've tagged over the years have started migrating in the first two weeks of September, so I expect things to get really busy here at Map Central soon!