30 August: Here's the Nature Museum young's dispersal along with some of his neighbors: 
279 from the Queens Rd East nest after a long stay around McAlway, has moved down to and area east of Randolph and south of Sharon Amity. 
029 from Ardsley Rd. is playing way too close to traffic, roosting in trees near the 5th St./277 underpass. 
583 from the "Berkeley" nest in Latta Park seems to have settled down between Marsh and Ideal Way, just east of South Blvd.
395 from the Nature Museum nest is working its way across Eastover and after a short stay in the Catawba Lands Conservancy's Eastover Ridge Preserve, between Randolph and Briar Creek, has now made a pretty big move. It is east of Colony, south of Runnymede (a block south of Ferncliff, more specifically.)

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[This is outdated] Another view of the Nature Museum young's first movement. Two young left the Nature Museum nest this year. One was tagged with radio 395. "395" has moved twice and was hanging around the Myers Park Library. It has moved down into Eastover now.

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