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26 Sept.  2008. Homer left the Vineyard on Sept 22. We don't have any fixes for him on the 23rd, so we don't know what route he took to Delaware.
     We have him roosting in northeastern Maryland on the 24th. Then on the 26th we got signals from a location 10 mi. southeast of Fredericksburg, VA.
     These were the last signals we received from Homer. We don't know if he died or if his transmitter fell off.
      Since we got the last signals, the transmitter's battery has drained. Our only hope to find it is if the transmitter changes its position somehow so that the solar panels are facing up. We recovered Bunga's transmitter this way back in '04.
     This was a tough bird to lose. He carried his transmitter longer than any other bird we have studied and provided some fascinating insights into the migration of juvenile Ospreys.

31 Jan 2008. Homer moved down to his riverfront property.


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