Location of city young-2004

     This map shows the current (2004) locations for 9 young we outfitted with radio transmitters in the suburbs south of Charlotte. Young were tagged at 7 nests. (Locations as of August 30, 2004.)
     The yellow dots mark the current roosting area for each young. The numbers are their radio frequencies. The line connects the bird to its nest. A description of each bird's location is below the map. Clicking on the number of the bird in these descriptions takes you to a detailed map showing that bird's travels after leaving the nest.



Who's who? (Click on the numbers of each bird to see a detailed map of its dispersal. 583, 029, 279, and 395 are all on the same map.)
981 and 048 came from the Bay St. nest. 981 was last found along Albemarle a bit east of Sharon Amity. We haven't been able to find this bird for 2 weeks. 048 is getting some culture near the Mint Museum.
279 is from Queens Rd. East and is now east of Randolph, south of Sharon Amity.
029 is from the Ardsley Rd. nest and is too close to the Belkway and 5th. Almost living in an underpass.
643 and 971 are from Bromley Rd. 643 has moved back to town and was roosting in the 4th Ward btn 8th and 9th Sts! 971 is very close to the Ardsley nest just south of Edgehill Park.
916 from the Cumberland nest has gone missing, which is usually not a good sign. (No link to a map here, because the bird never left the nest area before we lost the signal from its radio.)
395 is from the Nature Museum nest and is now between Colony and Sharon, south of Runnymede, having made a big jump from the Eastover Ridge wetland btn Randolph and Briar Creek.
583 is from the Latta Park (Berkeley) nest and seems to have settled down between Ideal Way and Marsh, just east of South Blvd.

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