Bromley Baby 643.

We found this nest when a tree blew down in a big wind storm in early May. Two 4-week old young were found on the ground. The birds were healthy--and 4 weeks older than almost every other young owl in Charlotte! We tagged the two young with radios 643 and 971. "643" is our most widely wandering youngster. The map below is more current (as of 30 August).

643 really gets around. It moved back from Veterans' Park along Central to near the 5th St/277 underpass, right across 5th St. from the trees where the Ardsley Rd. young (029) is currently roosting. Our most recent location for this bird is in the 4th Ward, between 8th and 9th Sts along Pine. Pretty trendy owl! (The location is actually probably off the top of the map.)

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