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Birds of Prey

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A female (dark phase) and male Crested Eagle (Morphnus guinanensis) at

their nest in the rainforest north of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

Ospreys -- Barred Owls

Birds of prey have always fascinated me, and much of my life has been spent studying them or training and hunting with them in falconry. My research on raptors began with Ospreys and Harriers on Martha’s Vineyard and continued on the high plains of Montana with studies of the raptors that were the subject of my doctoral dissertation, Morphological analyses of community structure in diurnal birds of prey.

In Brazil, raptors reluctantly were relegated to occasional studies, as my main work was with small, understory (prey) species. Upon my return to the states, I undertook a major literature review in the course of writing the species accounts for 81 species of Falconiformes found in Mexico and Central and South America for Volume II of the Handbook of Birds of the World.

Currently, my major focus is on satellite tracking Osprey migration and Barred Owls living in the Charlotte suburbs and surrounding region.

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