2002 - Dispersal of Young

In 2002 we began following young dispersing from their nest areas. Young are fed by their parents for a month or two after they leave the nest, but eventually their allowance is cut off and they have to go make a living on their own. Further movements (Sept. and beyond) are plotted below. The Princeton young settled down along Rockbrook at the south end of the Myers Park CC golf course where she has been nesting ever since. In 2008 she fledged her first successful brood of young owlets.

Princeton- Some time in late July the radio-tagged youngster from this nest dropped off our radar screens. We found him on 1 August '02 abpit 2 km from his nest near the intersection of Sharon and Runnymede. After spending almost 4 weeks in this area, on Aug 27 he moved to Sharon Amity and Providence. 

Colville- In the second half of August, the radio-tagged Colville youngster moved about 2km southwest and has settled in for a while.

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The Colville bird (in blue) settled down in a wooded stream just a few dozen miles from the 6-lane Belkway around downtown Charlottte. This bird disappeared, probably a victim of a hit-and-run accident.

The Princeton bird settled down just west of the the "4" in the map at right. In 2004 we discovered the bird was a female when it laid three eggs! Her nest was plundered by a raccoon that spring.
In January 2005, we retrapped her (her battery was dead) and gave her a new radio, which should last for 2 more years.