2013-14 Winter - All birds

All birds - Winter 2013-14 (1 Oct - 30 Mar)

See 2014 Spring Migration page for subsequent data.

Move the rectangular slider at the bottom of the interactive map to follow recent movements.

Scroll down for updated commentary on each bird's movements.

The players (in order of migration start):


Artoo (red), 2013 NH juvenile.

Belle (white), Martha's Vineyard female(?).

Bridget (yellow) Ashland, NH, juvenile female.

Charlie (blue), Fishers Island male.

Clyde (pink), Long Island juvenile male.

Donovan (green) NH adult male.

Flow (light blue) Essex, MA, juvenile male.

North Fork Bob (orange), Long Island adult male.

Ron (dark blue), DC adult male.

Snowy (burgundy) Martha's Vineyard, MA, adult female.

Woody (gray) Chesapeake Bay adult male.

Notes: I think I've got the colors right now, although they may show up differently on different computers.

Hover the cursor over a dot to see which bird is which. Click on it for location details

You can zoom in and out and move the map around. If you slide a birds marker along its path, you'll see where the other birds were when your bird was wherever you have the marker. You can also use the calendar to see where all the birds were on a given date.

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14 November:

This map begins on 1 October. At that time, Artoo (juvenile tagged in 2013) was moving around a bit, but